The Elven Nation, a kingdom of elves in the Chattahoochee National Forest led by the Queen, and the Tortured Occult, a shifter motorcycle gang, forge an uneasy peace. For the first time in decades they begin to work together but the truce doesn’t last. 


Tensions run high as a demon army led by an unknown commander wages war on the Elven Nation. Obie, a wereotter and Keeper of Thera, the Earth Mother, is tasked with finding and putting an end to the threat. The Queen becomes increasingly more suspicious, mistrustful, and withdrawn as time passes. As the Queen’s paranoia begins to turn her thoughts to conspiracies, the Tortured Occult find themselves caught in the middle. Now, promises are broken and friendships tested. War has begun. It’s up to Obie to restore the peace.


Betrayal by Ben Meeks